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Eh, it's a short drive and you've done it many times before, you'll be safe.

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You are feeling quite confident as you drive north on 41, but your buzz is killed by the unmistakable sirens of a Fort Myers police cruiser. Now what?

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Everyone knows 0. Had Anything to Drink Tonight, Sir?

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Your DUI case begins with the police officer's investigation during the initial traffic stop. During the ensuing Field Sobriety Test, the officer will look for signs of intoxication and ask you to perform simple tasks requiring coordination. If you fail this test, you will likely be asked to submit to a breathalyzer test. If the test results indicate that your Blood Alcohol Content, or "BAC," is above the legal limit, or if you refuse to submit to the test, the officer can arrest you on the spot.

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The exact circumstances of the stop are important in a DUI case. A common method for fighting DUI charges is to challenge the constitutionality of police's search or seizure of your person. Specifically, the Fourth Amendment limits when the police may detain you; they need to have a reasonable suspicion that you are committing a criminal offense, such as a traffic law violation, to begin the investigative detention, and they must have probable cause that you were driving under the influence to arrest you.

Any evidence gathered in violation of your constitutional guarantees may be excluded from court, which may be accomplished with a motion to suppress evidence. The bottom line is that if the initial traffic stop wasn't supported by reasonable suspicion, it is possible that all evidence discovered afterward will be prohibited from being used in court and your case will be thrown out.

Florida driver's license holders are required by law to submit to chemical test under Florida's " implied consent " law. This law requires you to take a chemical test after being arrested for a DUI for the purpose of determining your BAC or the presence of drugs. Steven Wetter prosecuted hundreds of DUI cases as an assistant state attorney in Tampa, and he has been lead trial attorney in more than jury trials as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney.

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He knows how to find flaws in the traffic stop, the field sobriety tests, the arrest and the chemical test results. Through tough cross-examination and successful motions to suppress evidence, Mr. Wetter has turned the tables on the prosecution and the arresting officer to position his clients for dismissal of charges, a plea to lesser charges such as reckless driving or the best chance of winning at trial.

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  4. If this is your first offense, but there were aggravating circumstances involved, the court may have ordered you to take a Level 2 DUI class that consists of 20 hours of education. Depending on whether this is a second offense with Aggravating Circumstances or this is a subsequent DUI charge, the court may order a higher Level of DUI class consisting of more hours of education. Below is a list of the higher Levels of online education we offer.

    Just select the class and hours the court has required to register for the class:. Just click on your County below to find a local class in your area.

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    Please note that there are not schools in each county. If your county is not listed, please choose the county closest to where you live to attend the class in that county. Florida Safety Council N. Southwest Florida Safety Council, Inc. Advocate Program, Inc. Lakeview Center, Inc. Sunshine Safety Council, Inc.